Sample 1[edit | edit source]

Hi ____,

This is Angela from UWMCCF. It was nice talking to you this morning!! 又認識了一個 math/science/... 的同學!! =]

You mentioned that you ........, (something you guys talked about, so they can recall who you are), I would like to invite you to our first fellowship meeting on Thursday 7pm in SLC2143!!

I have also added you onto our mailing list loh~~ Please feel free to contact me if you have any question!! and visit too oh!!!!

Hope to see soon!! =]

Sample 2[edit | edit source]


Welcome to Mandarin Chinese Christian Fellowship (MCCF) this Thursday!! Hope you had a good experience =]

This is Andy. We probably did not talk much during the event, but I was the guy playing guitar... Hopefully it wasn't a torture to your ear XDD

Our official weekly email will be sent out soon!! There will be time and location for our weekly events happening on campus. Please do check it out ;-) Please feel free to contact me if you have any question!! and visit too!!!! We also have a FB group Enjoy your long weekend and hope to see you soon!!

Sample 3[edit | edit source]




我们正式的weekly email很快就会发出来,上面会有MCCF所有正式活动的时间和地点。希望下周还能看见你 ;-)



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