This is a collection of previous Bible study and small group material

Bible Study Edit

Winter 2015 - How to follow Jesus (Book of Acts) Edit

Fall 2014 - Who is Jesus Edit

Spring 2014 - Parable of Jesus Edit

Winter 2014 - 聖靈的果子 Edit

  • The nine fruit is divided into three categories. So from BB2 to BB4, we will be focusing on one category each time.
  • 聖靈的果實 ─ 總括
    • We will be focusing on the overall. We will discuss about the purpose of having the fruit of the Spirit (What is it for?). and some important concepts about the entire fruit that we should know before we get into it.
  • 仁愛、喜樂、和平
    • The first category includes the first three fruit (love, joy and peace) and they are inward fruit that comes from God. We will discuss about what the real love is, how we can love selflessly, the differences between joy and happiness, what kind of joy is the joy from God, what is peace, and why sometimes we are still not feeling safe and not having this peace, etc..
  • 忍耐、恩慈、良善
    • The second category include the middle three fruit (patience, kindness and goodness) and they are about the relationships with others. We can discuss about what is real patience, how we can tell that our God is very patient, what we should do when we lack patience, the differences between kindness and love, people in the Bible who have kindness, whether our nature is good or evil, people in the Bible who have goodness, etc..
  • 信實、溫柔、節制
    • The last three (faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) are general traits in a Christian's life. We will discuss about where we can see our God's faithfulness, how we act faithfully to our God and others, what kind of gentleness is God's gentleness, how we define self-control, etc..

Fall 2013 - 做鹽做光 Edit

Spring 2013 - 爱神爱人 (1 John) Edit

Winter 2013 (Ephesians) Edit

Fall 2012 Edit

Small Group Edit

  • 4 types of people in our lives: under-privileged people, parents, brothers & sisters (2 studies), and significant others. [Topical, Keats Way 2013 Spring]
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