What is the importance of the position?Edit

  • MCCF has always been bible study central => this role is quite important.

What did you do for this position? Edit

  • Worked with chair(s) and Decided on theme of bible study of the term and make sure each week's bible study runs smoothly.
  • Organized pre-studies, designate leaders for each week, and possibly prepare materials (material preparation part can be designated or shared with select leaders or the councillor).
  • Gave biblical responses to questions raised that were outside of the scope of the theme. For example, during a discussion on the faith of Abraham, a question was raised from two bible study groups about the salvation of people in the Old Testament era. I (William) then did some research and responded publicly on Facebook.
  • Used the experiences as a peer to spread the gospel and tell others the experiences and the knowledge that I have about God. Spreading the gospel and truth through discussions, bible reading and sharing.
  • Got to know the group members, connected with them

What is the essential characteristic to serve in this position? Edit

  • Be steadfast in the faith (very important), yearn for biblical truth, desire to teach and share God's word.
  • Truthful, Willing to walk towards God, Enjoy Discussions, keep Secret, Being aware of people's needs, Guide people, Encourage people, Time management
  • Be willing to take council in humility from more experienced members, the councilor, or church elders.

How did you prepare for the responsibilities? Edit

  • My own understanding of the bible
  • Online commentaries
  • Collaborate with, and seek help from, the councilor when unsure
  • Resources from local churches (e.g. Sunday school materials)

Who did you need to collaborate with? Edit

  • I selected bible passages mostly by myself, but did collaborate with other bible study leaders and the councilor occasionally.
  • Talked to the leaders to make sure there were enough of them.
  • Need to talk to uncles / pastor from church early if you need help.

Anything else you would like to say! Edit

  • Most critical for this position is not knowledge but a close walk with God and the desire for truth. Just like Psalm 127:1 puts it, if the Lord does not speak His word, I labour in vain. Serving as BBS coordinator benefits me in two ways: making me meditate on His words day and night (Psalm 1:2); making me walk closer with God (for if I lose to temptation and fall, I drag not only myself down but also quality of BBS's and the whole fellowship. Then it would be better for me to be thrown into the sea (Mark 9:42)).
  • On top of being a teacher of the Word, be a doer! Strive to give a positive testimony about Christ, in both speech and conduct, both inside and outside of MCCF.

Extra ResourcesEdit

What do I enjoy the most?Edit

  • Spreading God's words, and build up people with God's words. Learn a lot through leading it.


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