What is the importance of the position?Edit

  • Build friendship with newcomers and make them feel comfortable with us
  • Reaching out to the community, help people who are needed, increase the publicity of MCCF, create the first impression of MCCF to people.

What did you do for this position?Edit

  • After Clubs Day, send them individually an introduction email before putting them on the mailing list.
  • Attend fellowship and take note of newcomers. Get newcomers contact information at the end of fellowship
  • Email and call newcomers to remind them to come
  • Talk to newcomers who seem to be left out
  • Assign coworker of the same gender to care for the newcomer
  • Follow up with caring coworker on a weekly/bi-weekly basis to make sure newcomers are being cared for
  • Promote MCCF through Videos, Posters, Facebook group, blogs, etc.

What are some the essential characteristics needed to serve in this position?Edit

  • Good memory
  • Enjoy chatting with people
  • Know how to start and continue a conversation
  • Know some skills about marketing or know someone who can do it
  • Most essentially have a heart to reach out to people

How did you prepare for the responsibilities?Edit

  • Email
  • Various social media
  • Turnkey Desk, Various faculty's society
  • Video editing /Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Posting notes/events/ tagging people on photos, putting " Please come to ..." on Facebook, send out invitations

Who did you need to collaborate with?Edit

  • GM: for adding new people to the mailing list
  • Activity coordinator: for organizing activities to invite people

Anything else you would like to say!Edit

  • Caring seems to be a small and non-essential role, but it’s very important in helping the newcomers to feel comfortable to a new group.

What do I enjoy the most?Edit

  • Reaching to people who never heard about Jesus.



  • Angela Tai:
  • Melody Mui:
  • Jessica Wang:
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