This is a recommended procedure for MCCF chair election. The procedure is based on MCCF constitution, and has been practiced since the first MCCF chair election.

Chair Election Committee[edit | edit source]

Current chairs + advisors (UW students only)

  1. If there are less than 7 people, current committee would pick people from the serving team to join the committee
  2. Inform & invite pastor and counselor about the selection/ meetings

The chair election committee consists of current chairs and advisors. If any of them happens to be a chair candidate for the next term, he/she can choose to quit the committee. One person from the committee should be in charge of external issues, such as sending out emails and answering questions.

Time Table[edit | edit source]

  • Around MOT: Form Chair election committee
    • This should consist of chairs, advisors, and counsellor
  • After two weeks: Chair nomination email
    • Asking coworkers and MCCF members to nominate potential candidate
  • After one week: Chair candidates filtering
    • Chair committee will filter objectively and subjectively through discussion (see Appendix I & II)
  • After 10 days: Finalize candidates
    • Contact candidate and ask them if they would like to be the chair candidate for election
    • When Approaching
      • They are allowed to know who the other candidates are.
      • Give them enough time to make the decision.
      • If yes: ask why and what their vision for next term is.
      • If yes: ask for written answers for a list of questions generated by the committee (recommended)
      • If no: ask why and remember to follow up!!!!!
      • Report back to the committee by email before the next meeting.
      • PRAY!!!!
  • After a week: Finish collecting commitment statements and announce chair candidates
    • Candidate will fill out a google-form commitment statement
    • Committee will send out email to mccf to announce candidates & their statements
  • After three days, before EOT (Potluck): Chair election. see Voting procedure .
    • Committee will contact each candidate personally to notify result
    • Committee will send out an email to mccf serving team to notify result
    • Committee will list out strength and weaknesses of each new chair, based on
      • What's their vision for next term?
      • How's their serving previously
      • Personal opinion etc
    • Select advisors: approach ex chairs that are here next term ​
      • Advisors are persons who have been deeply involved with MCCF, and will help ensure smooth transition between terms.

Appendix I: Objective Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  1. Will be around campus for the coming term
  2. Has served for at least one term in MCCF
  3. Has been an active member of MCCF for at least two terms

Appendix II: Subjective Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  1. The candidate is willing and capable of communicating with, listening to, and caring for fellow coworkers.
  2. The candidate is approachable and practices humility in God by being receptive and responsive positively to constructive criticisms.
  3. The candidate demonstrates maturity in serious matters and exhibits critical analysis and decision-making skills towards important issues.
  4. The candidate actively seeks the correct Christian truth and doctrine founded in the Bible
  5. The candidate must understand the commitment involved and be able to commit.
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