Who Can VoteEdit

All UWMCCF members have the right to vote. Members are individuals who support UWMCCF’s doctrinal basis and purpose (please see attached constitution for details), actively involved in MCCF, and are registered undergraduate/post-graduate students at the University of Waterloo. Chair candidates are allowed to vote according to the UWMCCF constitution. Unfortunately, we cannot allow students from other institutions to participate in this process, because it is against University of Waterloo Student Federation’s Club Policy. We sincerely apologize to our alumni and attendees from other schools.

How to VoteEdit

  • Vote in person 
  • If a UWMCCF member who is eligible to vote but is not able to be present at the chair election, he/she can ask another person who is eligible to vote to hand in a ballot on behalf of him/her. The person who cannot be present on the day of chair election, he/she must send an email request to the current chairs and clearly state the reason why he/she cannot make it to the chair election and the person who will vote on behalf of him/her. The voting choice does not need to be revealed in the email.
  • In order for the election to be valid, at least 7 people must participate, of which the majority must be undergraduate students.
  • In case of a tie for one or more spots, re-elections will be held until the tie is broken.
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