This page explains the strucutre of MCCF executive team and serving team.

Executive TeamEdit

This team consists of the following roles, and make directional decisions for MCCF

  • all current and past chairs
  • all current and past coordinators (including: Bible study, Prayer meeting, Worship, Caring, Daily devotion)
  • all current and past advisors

General Serving TeamEdit

This team consists of everyone who wishes to help out at MCCF, and the Executive Team. There is a specific mailing list for MCCF serving team and a facebook group. Please make sure to use the mailing list for formal communication.

Criteria for Bible Study leader, Daily Devotion, Worship, Prayer Meeting and Small Group LeaderEdit

All bible study, daily devotion, worship, prayer meeting and small group leaders should meet the following criteria:

  • regularly attended MCCF for at least 1 term 
  • actively involved in MCCF (fellowship, small group, prayer meeting, etc)
  • actively attend church 
  • baptised Christian preferred (non-baptised is acceptable, but depends on the situation)
  • new bible study leader should pair up with an experienced leader
  • prepare together, lead together 
  • give new leader feedback 
  • ask for comments from everyone from the bible study group
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