EOT Meeting Minute

Chair - Amy

Observations from this term

- thought a lot of people were on co-op this term, then realized there are still a lot of people yesterday at prayer meeting.

Suggestions for next term

- lack of people participating in decision making. Would like to get more people involved.

- should build stronger relationship between coworkers next term.

Is MCCF taking too much time for you?

- it’s recharging to come to fellowship, so no

Chair - Jeffrey

Observations from this term

- Coordination between three chairs could be better

- A lot of potential leaders

- Should have cared more about caring area (was Jeff’s area of responsibility)

Suggestions for next term

- Get new people involved in leadership role next term (i.e. Sophie, Jehan, Allen - Peter, Cynthia)

- Note: Emma Lu is interested in trying out caring.

- Don’t necessary need to give them a ‘title’, but definitely need to get them involved.

Is MCCF taking too much time for you?

- Didn’t spend enough time on MCCF

Chair - Steven

Observations from this term

- Less people compare to last term, but we have a lot of new people

- Personally think it’s easier to meet people in a fellowship this size.

Suggestions for next term

- Can follow what Jason did for pre-study (so people have commitment to participate) - A chart with people dedicated to attend each prestudy

Is MCCF taking too much time for you?

- Gave Amy too much work. Should have balance school/ serving better.

Prayer Meeting - Kevin

Observations from this term

- Needed people to remind me a lot

- Other people arranged the leading schedule for me, should have done better

Suggestions for next term

- after each fellowship, instead of talking to your own friends, about random stupid topics, should spend time talking to new friends

- less ‘meaningless’ talks in fellowship

- Enjoy sharing Christian stories to people

Is MCCF taking too much time for you?  

- Should prioritize MCCF higher, then people won’t have to remind me all the times.


- People are slow at sign up, but there’s no better way

- People should remember when they sign up

Bible Study - Jason

Observations from this term

- Was able to talk to a lot more new friends this term, which was good

- Andy: Jason did a good job reminding people (though people should not expect to be reminded)

Suggestions for next term  

- Should continue the chart

Is MCCF taking too much time for you?

- Some verses were not closely related to the topic, so the verses changed right before prestudy


- Too much? - should be fine to keep the same  

- Could group by gender, faculty…

- Like the question style this term (discussion base)

- Topic is all over the place - hard for coordinator to find material for MCCF theme  

> Don’t think it’s a problem if people gained after fellowship

Worship - George

Observations from this term

- Didn’t do well in the beginning, but improved after MOT (more prep, worship flow was better)

- Could have remind people earlier

- Andy: Thanks for cleaning up the piano after fellowship every week


- Should be more enthusiasm

- Quality of music needs a lot more time commitment, is it worth investing?

- Need to at least be complete - take it seriously.

- Listen the the songs leaders posted ahead of time.

- Worship leaders: welcome baptized Christians who knows the difference between performance and worship.  

DD/DV - Sophie

Observations from this term

- Daily Devotion is a commitment worth keeping. (although there’s not that many people this term)

Suggestions for next term   

- Like the DD style after MOT better (more sharing)

- Daily verse might not need to continue

- Find an app, or get people with iPhone to do it

Is MCCF taking too much time for you?  

- Spent too much time each day (30 mins) on DV


- 出席的人非常少。基本上也就两个人三个人吧。刚开始的时候经常是我和Francis两个人对坐,可尴尬了。大家对DD好像已经没有什么热情了的样子。

- DD will continue

- DV

> resign up every term

> can have more leaders send out verse (1 responsible for 20 ppl) - 確定不要重複

> FB could work, but might not be as efficient  

Refreshment - Susan

Observations from this term

- too much to carry for girl to bring, so only got guys to help

- spend max $10

Suggestions for next term    

- Not many people signed up in the beginning, so coordinator has to be proactive

- Need to know how much was left from last week

- Don’t need to bring too much - should not serve during Bible study

- Could bring home baking food

- Can have more time in the end for people for people to eat & share

Is MCCF taking too much time for you?

- Didn’t attend MCCF much this term, so don’t know how much food was left

Activity - Jehan

Observations from this term  

- Corn maze (I didn’t do much, relying on others too much)

- Booked Open Gym for next term Jan 18 morning (need to confirm)

- T-shirts (Good job!!)

Suggestions for next term

- Open gym should be booked in the beginning of term


- Can have outing - i.e. Toronto trips, Christmas gathering, Ski Trip - not to become ‘social group’

- Can combine with volunteer

GM: Derek Zhi (from email)

Observations from this term  

- As to the role in which I served this term - GM, I have to apologize for the mistakes and negligence I made in the newsletters. I didn't quite keep up to speed in the first a few weeks and lacked of punctuality and organization.

Suggestions for next term

- have a page in the Google spreadsheet dedicated for GM issues used as the main source of communication. GM to upload all the necessary information including event room booking details. Other co-workers can add new-comer emails and things that will go onto the newsletter. That way GM will not have to chase after people for information and other people would not have to send individual requests to GM thru email/message. GM will just work at his convenience.

- Spend some time thinking and taking notes of new ideas/interesting facts of the coming week. Change the title accordingly. Attach photos (after events for example) if necessary. People become less motivated to open the newsletter emails through the term. If we keep the same title, people will tend to toss it to the trash without giving it a second thought. Same as other commercials, we need to highlight the parts that can catch people's eye balls.

- After the newsletter is complete, send to the serving team for proofreading. There might be typos and mistakes not realized.


- Great newsletter

- Jason: sometimes BBS verses changes, and that’s why there were mistakes

- Be pro-active on both sides. GM should keep track of what’s happening in MCCF. On the other hand, whoever has something that needs to appear on newsletter should reach out to GM.

Caring: Jim Zhang (from email)

Observations from this term  


Suggestions for next term

对于下学期的建议,我觉得Caring这块真的很重要,如果可以希望会有两位caring coordinator(一男一女)来做caring。祈求神可以在我们当中,继续看顾和带领我们的团契。

Is MCCF taking too much time for you?  



- 同樣性別很重要,雖然沒有兩個 co-ordinator, 也可以讓 oppisite sex 的同工去做事

- Think of caring as making new friends, and involved them into fellowship events

- Small groups - more bounding (i.e. study, sports, instruments) - need people with commitment

- 1 to 1 caring is helpful when people miss fellowship/ no one talk to them at fellowship  

- 1 to 1 caring is only helpful when it’s natural, so should be people you’ve talked to

- 1 to 1 system is the ‘worst case scenario’  - Everyone need to be aware

- Do not assume someone is doing the caring - natural process is the result of system

- Also need to care for regular attendees - small group could solve this problem (1 + 1 + 2 system might work)

Volunteering: Colleen Feng (from email)

Observations from this term

这学期。。。非常惭愧。。。虽然说是管volunteer这部分,但是一点事儿都没有做。Christian Horizons跟我联系过,说要去整理院子,但是后来邮件发着发着就没消息了,等我反应过来好久没收到回信的时候都过了好久了。之前也曾经想过要去ray of hope跟那些无家可归的人们聊天,想着要联系想着要联系,最后还是。。。忘掉了。所以呢,如果要说有什么observation的话,就是我这个coordinator太不负责了,下学期一定要撤掉!

Suggestions for next term

volunteer这部分,希望真的能有一个人来做好(我觉得Derek Zhi不错),也希望如果有什么活动的话能让新朋友多参与,因为以前我们去做义工的时候还是老人去的多一些。查经什么的可能对新人来说可能会很无聊枯燥,这些活动也是留住他们的一个方式。(想当初我就是一半是因为volunteer才留下来的啊~)


- Can be tied into small group if we don’t have enough commitment


- Can have a list to do in the beginning this term, see what we can do. (resourcing)

> Still need to be voluntary base

> Encourage coworkers to value the experience leading

- ‘Strongly encourage’ people to serve is GOOD <3

> 1 + 1 coordinator (old + new)

- 团契总体呢,希望个人都能有责任心,答应要做的事情就一定要做到,worship排练按时来,sign up祷告会,refreshiment,就要按时带。说到做到。如果不行就要及时找back up。也希望同工能来团契来的多一点,如果能合理安排时间,一周两小时算不了什么。真不是我偏心jason啊,你们看看他,再远有他远?他一周19个小时的课,跑一趟UW来回要一个多小时,有时候饭都来不及吃,但是他还能保证基本上一周来两次呢,你们不来的人好意思么?好意思么??!!(读到这里的时候请帮我严厉地扫视一圈)