What is the importance of the position?Edit

  • Attend to the logistics side of fellowship to ensure normal operation
  • See Logistics FAQ for common things you need to do

What did you do for this position?Edit

What is the essential characteristic to serve in this position?Edit

  • Optimistic, energetic, enthusiastic for writing emails
  • Attend to details and organized
  • Responsible
  • Good oral (work with other co-workers, FEDs, etc.) and written (weekly emails) communication skills

How did you prepare for the responsibilities?Edit

  • Keep good communication with all the coworkers to know what to include in the weekly email
  • When unsure about anything, ask around (anyone who maybe relevant/knowledgeable to the situation)!


  • Please see Appendix A for the guidelines of posting posters
  • Please see Appendix B for the equipment booking procedure
  • Please see Appendix C for the event booking procedure (fellowship room booking, having a event, advertising events)
  • Please see Appendix D for the writing weekly emails using MailChimp
  • Please see Appendix E for the booking MC locker
  • Please see Appendix F for a list of MCCF inventory

Who did you need to collaborate with?Edit

  • For writing the weekly email, GM needs to collaborate with a lot of people to know what is going on in the. For examples, if there are activities planned by the Activity Coordinator, then the GM has to talk to him/her to get a good view to include it in the email.
  • For room booking and equipment booking, GM also needs to know what will be going on so he/she can book thing appropriately.
  • GM also need to collaborate with people who are picking up and returning equipment and room keys to make sure that everything is fine.
  • Since the GM is responsible for room booking, he/she needs to communicate with FEDs quite often

Anything else you would like to say!Edit

  • When I came into MCCF, I just wanted to find a place to serve. Thanks to God that He made this position available for me. I enjoyed it a lot. Every position to serve is a God's blessing.
  • I enjoyed being a GM mainly because I feel that I’m gifted in being organized and doing very detailed things. It may not be a position that gets a lot of attention, but I believe that it is also a very meaningful serving position. If the logistics things aren’t working out, it is likely to create negative impression to newcomers!
  • I really enjoyed being the GM for many reasons. Most of the work done by GM is behind the scene so there won't be a lot of exposure; however I took pride in knowing that my contribution helped to make MCCF a more enjoyable place for us all. Also I think weekly emails is an important medium of communication between co-workers and members, and should not be over-looked!

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