This page outlines how to add people to and how to delete people from the MCCF Mailing List 

How to Add People [edit | edit source]

Step 1: go to

Step 2: log in with username password (ask chairs and past GMs) 

Step 3: once logged in, click "Lists" on the left side of the screen

Step 4: click on "UWMCCF Mailing List" 

Step 5: click "Manage Subscribers" near the top of the screen

Step 6: on the drop-down menu, click "Add Subscriber" 

Step 7: fill in all the necessary information and click "Subscribe" and voila! 

How to Unsubscribe People [edit | edit source]

Step 1 - 4: Same as above

At this point, there are 3 ways to do it  

1. click on "Manage subscribers" near the top of the screen, select "Unsubscribe People", and enter their emails manually 

2. on the "View Subscribers" screen, check the boxes beside their emails and select "Delete" 

3. click on the little magnifying glass, search up the email, go to their personal profile and select "Unsubscribe" 

How to Add People to Serving Team Email 

Step 1: go to Google Groups (!overview)

Step 2: select "My groups"

Step 3: select "UWMCCF Serving Team" from the list of groups (if you are in more than 1 group)

Step 4: go to "Manage" on the right-center of the page

Step 5: select "Invite Members" on the left side of the screen

Step 6: enter emails and add

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