Main ProgramsEdit

  • Fellowship Meeting. This 2-hour main weekly event usually happens at Thursday night. We have about 15 minutes of activities, 20 minutes of musical worship, 60-80 minutes of main weekly program, and 10 minutes of announcements. Bible studies are the main program for about half of the 12 weeks. Bible studies follow a theme that is set for each term. Other programs include, but are not limited to, praise and worship night, speaker event, video discussions, movie night, and games night.
  • Prayer Meeting. In this 1-hour event, members gather and pray to God in regards to MCCF and each other.
  • Preparation Meeting. This 2-hour event is to prepare for the Fellowship Meeting. If the main program will be bible study, then during the Preparation Meeting, bible study leaders go over the bible passage and come up with the overall flow and questions. If the main program is another type of activity, then leaders come together to prepare for that.
  • Small Groups. Starting with Winter 2012, we have several small groups, where members may meet together, encourage each other, and strive to know God more. Currently, we have a Brothers Group, a Sisters Group, a Gospel Group, and a Daily Devotion Group.


MCCF attendees are Mandarin speaking Christians or seekers. Most of them happen to study in the Faculty of Mathematics. There are currently (in Winter 2012) approximately 40 attendees in every weekly fellowship meeting. About 2/3 of them are Christians. The ratio of Mainland Chinese to Taiwanese has also been increasing over the past few years.

Church AttendanceEdit

Most attendees of MCCF attend church on Sundays. The churches that members go to are (in decreasing order of attendance) Kitchener Waterloo Chinese Alliance Church (KWCAC), Lincoln Road Chapel, Creekside Church, and Simply Church. We are starting to participate in leading Sunday worship at the churches that we attend. Members are strongly encouraged to build relations with the Pastors of the churches that they regularly go to.

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