What is the importance of the position?Edit

  • We as a fellowship need to constantly ask God for help and guidance
  • Remember, that prayer is the most important job. We have no ministry without prayer!

What did you do for this position?Edit

  • Created a schedule of people willing to lead and facilitate the format of weekly prayer meetings.
  • Made sure there was a prayer meeting leader for every week of the term.
  • Typically there will be some discussion about prayer items, and then group prayer.
  • Encourage everyone from the fellowship to attend.
  • Remind leaders two days prior to the meeting
  • Provide feedbacks and encouragements to leaders after the meeting

What is the essential characteristic to serve in this position?Edit

  • Knowing the importance of prayer, and pray often!

How did you prepare for the responsibilities?Edit

  • Prepare your heart for praise, prayer, and repentance

Who did you need to collaborate with?Edit

  • Prayer meeting leader of the week: make sure everything is ok

Extra resourceEdit


  • The style of the prayer time varies, some common methods are:
    • Pray together in silence or say it out load
    • Pray based on Bible passages i.e. read a passage and pray about it and repeat, for more information please google or read
    • Follow the ACTS - Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication
    • "Popcorn" ie. whenever one is moved to pray and one designated person to close praying in turn for a designate individual. Short prayer is the key! can "pop" more than once
    • Breaking off into smaller prayer groups,
    • Praying in turn for a designated individual (ex. person to your left)
  • Some things that were done in the past:
    • Worship during prayer meetings (1-2 songs)
    • Sharing about the importance of prayer
    • Read a passage in the bible
    • Sharing about God's leading in your life (challenges, thanksgiving things etc.
    • Coordinating joint prayer events with other CCF or Christian campus groups (One year, the prayer coordinators met monthly from all three CCFs and there was a joint prayer meeting once a month between the three groups as well as an all campus prayer meeting once a term. This ended up being slightly overwhelming for the prayer coordinator at the time, but may be something to consider again in the future.)


  • Yushi Hu:
  • Sharon Liang:
  • Lisa Hung
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