This position was discontinued starting in 2011.

What is the importance of the position?Edit

  • Having some refreshment while having a bible study provides people a relaxing moment
  • Sometimes... people actually come for the snacks.
  • Some people attend our meeting right after class without eating any supper. So the snacks will give them energy to read and discuss the bible.

What did you do for this position?Edit

  • Ask people from mccf who are willing to bring refreshment for the fellowship meetings. Print out sign-up sheet for their names and the date they can bring snack.
  • Ensure that there are snacks at every fellowship meetings by reminding people who are bringing refreshments
  • Prepare cutlery and miscellaneous ie. cups, spoons, plates
  • Ensure suitable amount of refreshment to MCCF meetings

Who did you need to collaborate with?Edit

  • Communicate with MCCF members to ensure the refreshment was appropriate (type of food and amount of food) as well as knowing what people would like to have for refreshment
  • We'd better know what volunteer will be bring ahead of time, so that we can prepare some forks or plates if needed

Anything else you would like to say!Edit

  • You might get some expectation from people, but NO PRESSURE at all... Expectation will only make you serve better. Cheers...go for it.. God Blessed.
  • Other than that, just keeping in mind that do not serve because you have to, instead, serve because you want to... keep a willing heart...

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