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7:00 - 7:15 worship

7:15 - 7:45 part 1

7:45 - 7:55 discussion

7:55 - 8:20 part 2

8:20 - 8:30 discussion

8:30 - 8:40 prayer

8:40 - 8:50 annoucement

Discussion Question == 问一下有哪里不懂? 解释

如果懂, 问学到哪些? 大家分享



你生命中最害怕的是什麼? 你覺得你有準備好見到耶穌嗎? 為什麼? what’s holding you back? 你還可以為神做什麼?

聽完了這次講道, 聽到了耶穌的作為, 得知的他的能力是如此強大, 你願意信神嗎? why/why not?

Summary note[edit | edit source]

  • 马太24:42-50 随时会回来, 在我们最不expected 的时候, 随时准备好
  • 耶稣是我们的后盾, 我们的磐石, 我们应该为他放弃我们看似重要的东西, 也不要惧怕

if you love your parents more than me, you are not worthy of following

  • 耶稣 is very strong
  • 有能力从十字架下来, 有能力叫天兵来帮忙, 但不这样做, 不就是为了我们嘛
  • 神的全能,和神的公义, 对基督徒是一个警醒
  • 不要只看到jesus 温柔 慈爱的一面, 也要看到耶稣的公义, 全面
  • 骆驼穿针眼 - 当你有用很多很多东西的时候, 你就很难放弃
  • 看到 Jesus 的 painting 会看到超大的光环
  • 很有气场的 Jesus


The real Jesus

-Francis Chan

Revelation 1: 17-18

Underestimate the power of Jesus

“Jesus” what image comes through your head?


-Compassionate side of Jesus

powerful is side of Jesus ( strong, even hard side)

when we talks about himself


the power in Jesus -> the power is now within us

reason we can breath -> because of Jesus!

Matt 4 public ministry

-pasting 40 days   Matt 4:10 be gone

Matt 5 public ministry-religious leader

Matt 6 the rich V4, 2 masters

Matt 7 judgment day   V28 authority

Matt 8 storm in the middle of sea

V26 clam the storm, wind and water obeys him

V29 two demon

“Tournament us before the time” – Demon said

Demon shutter before the name “Jesus”

V34 begged Jesus to leave their region

Like the way life used to be

Don’t want Jesus’ power

Matt 9 V6 paralyzed man -> people freak out, terrified of Jesus

Afraid and glorify God

Matt 10 very harsh words from Jesus

Fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

V28 fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell


V 37-39

Matt 11 condemn the whole city


Matt 12 picking grain on the Day of Sabbath

*but Jesus is the Lord if Sabbath Day

1) The whole point of Sabbath Day

2) Jesus is the Lord of these rules

Matt 13, V41-42 V49-50 what happens in the end

We don’t like what he says, so we ignore this

Matt 14 walks on water

Matt 15, V12 “offended” the Pharisees

We are so concerned about offending ppl

Doesn’t mean we change the message

People hate Jesus -> why they nailed him to a cross

V13-14 Blind leading blind, let them go

Matt 16 build church -peter

Matt 18 V34-35

Matt 19 confronts rich ppl V23-24


You think you are something because of the stuff you have – we are cocky

Difficult to let go of, to fellow JESUS

V28 new world

Matt 20 V18 Demonstrate his power

Person performed so many miracles ->tell he is gonna die

Ultimate power – let them kill me because I came for that reason

Take the whole thing because he is so strong and powerful and will rise from the grave

V28 serve people

Matt 21 temple

V13 my house shall be called house of prayer

V42-44 Jesus is the corner stone, rejected -> cornerstone

Matt 22 wedding feast

Matt 23 high religious leaders “woe to you”

V25 hypocrite -> outside is clean; inside is dirty

è tomb -> inside = dead body

Matt 24 his return -> you better be ready, come back any time

V42 stay awake

V44 must be stay, you don’t expect


Matt 25 his return

Parable of talents V14-30

V31 final judgment  -> with all glory + angels + sit on a thrown

Matt 26 going to be betrayed  V24

Walk away from Jesus

V53 Jesus’ power -> Jesus can just call God + send angel

V63 power -> son of man seated at the hand of power

V67-68 with all Jesus’ power

Allow ppl to spit on him, mock him, slap him

Matt 27, V29 crown of throne, reed, robe

Save yourself, come down from the cross

->Jesus taking it for me, punished for me because that is how strong he is !!!

temple, destroyed and rebuild in 3 days

->talking about himself

“kill me, and watch what I do”

Matt 28 resurrection

V8-9 Jesus says “Hi”. His death is not the end of the story

V18-20 great commission – last thing he says

Teach them to obey everything, commanded you

I will be with you always, to the end of the age

OBEY, LISTEN to all his word

Don’t cut out the part you don’t like

Refuse to believe things we don’t like

“this is God’s universe, and He does thing His way

You may have a better way, but you don’t have a universe”

We so arrogant

Revelation 1: 17-18

Fear not

Because if we are on his side, we should be excited for how powerful he is!

Don’t fear! Jesus is on our side

Fear the future/other ppl/live in shame

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