Due to the coop system, the serving team changes every term (4 months). Chairs are selected according to a procedure that we are starting to formalize. About two months before a term begins, a small chair-selection committee consisting of current chairs, former chairs, and mature Christians is formed. They list all baptized Christian members of MCCF who will be on campus during that term. They do a pre-screening of the list, based on the person’s length of attendance and serving in MCCF, willingness, spiritual maturity, and commitment. Then, chair selection committee members individually approach the people that pass the pre-screening stage. Among the people that agree to be a chair candidate, a blind vote is taken on the set of feasible chair(s) combinations to determine the chair(s). After that, the chairs begin to recruit the rest of the serving team, and plan for the next term (theme, program, external support, etc.)

Serving Positions

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