Welcome to the UWMCCF Wiki!

UWMCCF has historically found difficulties in passing down information during leadership transition. Often, the same questions are asked over and over. Many times we like to "re-invent" the wheel. Therefore, the idea of creating a wiki was born to address the lack of documentation, and to provide an available source of information about questions that are often asked regarding the "how to" of UWMCCF.

The vision is to use the UWMCCF Wiki as a venue to record information regarding the logistics, processes, history, ministry successes and failures, roles' description, and any other material that can help leaders in expediting their tasks, answering their questions, and providing information to aid in decision-making. We hope that the wiki can help leaders in avoiding making the same past mistakes, and freeing up more time.

By no means, UWMCCF Wiki will provide all the answers, nor should take away the "learning by experience" that is of so much gain. The UWMCCF Wiki is an additional resource, and not a substitute for good practices such as mentorship, training, and asking advice from upper years.

Feel free to contact us if you want more information to be included, or if you have any suggestions in improving the wiki, or if you want to collaborate with writing content. This is a collaborative effort in improving an aspect of our dear fellowship. And ultimately, we do this for the praise and glory of our God.

We hope that you find the wiki useful, and that God will fill you with grace and use you powerfully in the endeavor He has entrusted you with! Remember to let every action be prompted by the love of God.

By the way, UWMCCF Wiki is inspired by the UWCCF Wiki, and some of the materials were taken from there.

UWMCCF Wiki Administrator



  • Background
    • Information about the history of UWMCCF and brief introduction of University of Waterloo.
  • Serving Roles
    • Describes the roles of the UWCCF Executive Committee
  • Retreat
    • Information about retreat centers used in the past.
  • Resources
    • Bible study and discussion resources
    • Logistics FAQ
      • Questions people often ask regarding logistics about UWMCCF.