What is the importance of the position?Edit

  • Ensure the publicity of the MCCF to people other than who attend the meetings every week

What did you do for this position?Edit

  • Updates people with what is currently happening and is coming at mccf by updating weekly events and uploading pictures/videos
  • Read weekly emails sent by MCCF GM, and do not miss weekly fellowship meetings so you know what’s going on in the fellowship. Keep informed about what is new at MCCF

What is the essential characteristic to serve in this position?Edit

  • Be attentive and interested in what's happening at msn. Like to write blogs and edit photos.
  • Do things as it is an important task, as you are working for the Lord, do not think that no one will read it!


  • Please see Appendix G for the blog management instructions


  • Susan Xie:
  • Sharon Liang:
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