EOT meeting agenda

1. please share one thing you learned this term (one thing that God taught you this term)

2. people give feedback to this person/the position (something they should keep/change)

3. any roles that you feel less critical when serving team is smaller than we would like

- Feedback link - 加到newsletters 裡面

- Peer group - 按照 chair  的強項去分

Jeremy: 以後可以繼續 還不錯

Emma: 這樣 可能 chairs 都沒辦法很常見面


- 這學期 有比較好的 improvement

- 所以要keep refreshment coordinator ?

Raymond: 覺得這個 position 不會花很多時間 所以可以繼續的讓 GM 做, 也可以做 call MOT, EOT meeting

- 可以繼續有一個地方可以先看到newsletter 的草稿

- weekly facebook 的reminder 讓 webmaster 做

- 用一個 reminder 可以自動 send 給人讓他們記得 他們要做什麼


- material 可以post 在 wiki 上 (list of topic)

activity 可以有更多關於 spiritual 的活動

Emma : 覺得 小組就有跟 spiritual 有關的

Derek : 新朋友可以先去小組 然後從小組邀請他們去活動 小組跟活動可以有更多的


- 沒有 ice breaker 好嗎? 不用很好!!

- coworkers 可以有更多的聯絡

- 這學期沒有photos EOT 可以拍很多 :)

- 以前的文化 都要傳承下去

- co worker/ coordinators 應該要讀別人給你的feedback

- 有人需要 finalize 大家所決定的事情

- transferable skills

- 準時 準時 準時!!!

- 提前知道 bible study 的 topic ->這樣 worship 比較好準備


bible study

- too many topics

- bible study was too rushed

- topical bible study

- too little bible study (only 5 times → keep it 6-7 times)

- 提前知道 bible study 的 topic ->這樣 worship 比較好準備

prayer meeting

- scheduling should not be before fellowship

- spend more time praying for MCCF!!

- pin MCCF prayer request in fellowship FB group


- remind people more often, remind those who signed up

- action speaks louder than words


- for new worship leaders, may not need too many instruments, because it’s more difficult for the leader to control

- coordinator should explain to the leader that more instruments is more difficult

- give feedback + mentor the leader


- coordinator be careful when approaching leaders

- make sure you do not over work some individuals

next term coordinator (recommendation)

- chair + advisor

- bible study

- worship

- GM

- combine prayer meeting + DD

- small group

- training new co-workers is CRITICAL!!

- co-workers should be those who attend Sunday service EVERY WEEK! (must keep this in mind when choosing co-workers)

- lot of resource to pair up with new coordinators

- welcome package

Eva will set up a feedback link for everyone to anonymously give feedback