We follow the A.C.T.S. model for this event

So we need to have 8 to 10 group leaders and discuss/share the questions (I will let the leaders know as soon as I find 10 people ) in each section. Each worship session will be 10 to 15 min, and each prayer/ sharing session will be also 10 - 15 min. 

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Small group leaders and how we are dividing the small groups:

We have 9 leaders in total.

An aspect of the fruit of the spirit is assigned to each leader:

Love. Betty C

Joy. Violet

Peace. Sharon

Patience. Emma Q

Kindness. Jeremy

Goodness. Raymond

Faithfulness. Jason

Gentleness. Angela

Self-control. George

As people arrive, Ushers will hand them a prayer card. I have attached a sample in this email.

On each prayer card is a fruit of the spirit. They will find their group according to that. For example, if I get love as my fruit of the spirit, then I will go to Betty's group. They will be given out in order, this way the groups can be evenly distributed.

On this prayer card, they can also leave their name and contact information. On the back, they will write their prayer request for the supplementation section, and can give it to a prayer partner to keep.

Time schedule

6:30-7:00  Setup time.

7:00-7:05  Short introduction of the Praise and prayer night, and introduce the ACTS prayer format (Eva)

7:05-7:20  Worship on adoration (Angela)

7:20-7:30  Sharing and prayer on adoration

7:30-7:45  Worship on confession (George)

7:45-7:55  Sharing and prayer on confession

7:55-8:05  Worship on thanksgiving (Amy)

8:05-8:15  Sharing and prayer on thanksgiving

8:15-8:25  Worship on supplementation (Amy)

8:25-8:40  Sharing and prayer on supplementation

8:40-8:50  Announcements

8:50-9:00  Birthday celebration

9:00-...     Chat time

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